If youre constantly negative youre getting the unfriend and unfollow. Sick of reading shit that makes me wanna go out of my way and say something to someone. If you’re constantly fucking negative and lying and cheating and hiding things in your life, you need to re evaluate your choices. I have a good ass marriage and a son on the way and that’s what my life is now so getting rid of excess drama. Even if it doesn’t involve or effect me in any way shape or form at all, I don’t even wanna know.

How did I get so damn lucky to have gotten the man I did ? The beginning of our marriage was really hard. He was selfish and mean at times. And I never said that to him. And he was texting me and apologized and said ” i was selfish and only cared about myself. I eas mrsn and treated you horribly and ill never takr advantage of this again” how wonderful for a man to see something on his own and admit it. Its so good to admit faults to each other. Im so damn in love with that man. Id do anything in this world to make him happy. Id give him anything

The love I have for my husband just gets stronger every day. Every day he’s away from me it actually hurts. He makes me so proud and I can’t wait to be with him again.